Friday, 18 December 2009

I have this effect ...

Been a bit of a funny week, one way and another. First I lost the internet, then it came back a bit, went a bit, and is still a bit dodgy. I learned to live with it, and waited patiently for it to decide to work, feeling perhaps that it doesn't like winter any more than I do.

Then we had another person come along who was interested in buying the gites and pushing as only a French person can push to sign an agreement to sell in the New Year. He doesn't (it turns out) actually have his money in place yet, but why should that matter? They're a strange breed these French. Even now, he's sending emails asking for yet more information to get his bank loan. He's coming back on Tuesday for the kids to choose their bedrooms! Dreamworld, or what? Perhaps he thinks if he pushes hard enough, we'll sell them to him and forget to ask him for the money!

DH offered to provide karaoke entertainment for the neighbours Christmas Day in return for our Christmas dinner. Admittedly, this was back in August, but how I now wish he hadn't. It's worked beautifully since Bob (bless) brought it here all those years ago. We even took it to Spain with us, but now we really really need it, yes, you've guessed it, it won't work! Might have to admit defeat on that one and go back to video tapes ( DH actually laughed out loud when I said that!)

I ordered a Wii for the kids for Christmas. It came three days later. I ordered some games and steering wheel thingies, they all came. I started to wrap it all up whilst everybody's out and found that we'd had one game sent twice, and another not at all! Typical!

We've had ice and a threatening of snow so all the school buses were cancelled. They do that sort of thing here! Had to take Dear Daughter (11) to school in the car, but kept Dear Son (15) off as it seemed half the school weren't bothering to get their backs off the bed this morning.

We ran out of heating oil two days ago. Now, it is very very cold both inside and outside the house. In fact, it's actually milder outside than in at the moment. He said he'd deliver an hour ago, but of course hasn't turned up.

Can't think of any more reasons to be cheerful, so I'd best sign off!

Sorry if this post depressed you!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

London buses

Months without anybody serious wanting to buy the gites, and now two have come along at once, both wanting us to sign a "compromis de vente" in the New Year! Now what? One's a cash buyer and the other needs a loan (which he might not get). Toss a coin for me, will ya!

Probably neither will buy them - we've been in a similar situation more than once! Wish I had a bottle of the cheap Bailey's stuff Lesley was on about - I'll just have to have the real thing instead!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sore arm (DD's = sore head (mine)

How's that for a blog title? Poor little Dear Daughter (11) had her swine flu vaccination on Thursday morning at school. She was a bit nervous at the thoughts of having a needle stuck in her, but in the event it passed off with very little pain. Within 24 hours or so, it was becoming more and more painful to a point where she couldn't lift her arm above her head without a lot of pain. (So don't lift you arm above your head, my dad would have said). She's also been shivering and has a lump in her armpit, all undoubtedly reactions to the vaccine.

Now I know it must be hurting, since she's a brave sort of kid (like her mother) but I'm starting to get headaches from her constantly moaning about it, putting ice cubes on it, putting heat pads on it, and generally being totally obsessed by it. I'm being very sympathetic (through gritted teeth) which is more than her brother is - he told her to stop complaining, it was nothing compared to a game of rugby! Didn't help much, that comment, I can tell you!

It's sure to get easier over the weekend, trouble is, she's supposed to be having another one in a couple of weeks! I think we'll cancel that! My nerves won't stand it! Anyway, half protected is better than no protection at all!

The boys have theirs next week, so DD will have her revenge!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Where did all the time go?

It's not fair! I'm not old enough to have a 15 year old son! I remember when he was a little baby - he was such a good baby, never cried, always happy. He still doesn't cry, and is usually happy but you should see the size of him! I'll post a piccie when I've finished my takeaway pizza. More later.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Signed on again and other ramblings!

I've just spent the last twenty minutes trying to sign on. Thanks to all the new technology, you don't have to queue up and face a snotty cow behind the counter of the DOLE office (aah, happy memories of being a school leaver on the dole - I've worked diligently ever since!) Nowadays, you sign on on-line, or by telephone. The on-line version was taking me round in loops, so I tried the telephone. I had to say a magic word (in French) to be taken to the next stage. My accent has not improved, and the first couple of times, it didn't understand me and took me back to the main menu. After lots of pressing buttons, I finally made it. I expected a fanfare at least, but I just got the dialing tone.

I first registered as unemployed at the end of the summer season, way back at the beginning of September, but so far I haven't received a bean, and by the time I do, I shall probably have found gainful employment. Could this possibly be Mr Sarkozy's way of not paying out any money to foreigners? Don't be so cynical!

Corrie's been on every night this week - love it! RIP Blanche though - I loved her one-liners!

The surveyor's been and gone and says there are no real problems! Can this be so? Fingers crossed for an offer of the asking price (fat chance!) followed by an early completion (I can dream). Perhaps then I can move the last of DH's suits from his National Power days out of the old house! They can go straight to Emmaus! I'd best have another glass of wine quick to celebrate, since something's bound to go wrong!

Tomorrow we've got a French guy coming to see the gites, bring him on!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A typical entry from my diary

Don't know why I'm putting this here, but everybody loves to snoop in somebody's diary! This one is from Monday 30th November, It's longer than they usually are, so I apologise in advance, feel free to click away at any time - I won't be offended! Here goes:

Felt better than I've been in ages this morning, cracked on a-pace. Céline, J & N for the early morning, K went with Catherine [neighbour] for her 9 am start. All in good spirits. Got DH up at 8 am as the accountant was due. Fount out at 3 pm that he wasn't coming (we rang them). Don't know if we've upset them (quite probable) or if they're just as incompetent as the rest of the French so-called "professionals". Do know that H was so pissed off I was relieved when he went to his rugby meeting. To add to the mix (one thing is never enough) the surveyor's changed his appointment and is coming Thursday pm now and staying the night in a gite. He's carrying out a "full structural survey" - God help us!

Made H walk the dog with me (in the rain) and naturally missed the accountant ringing to apologise and make another appointment. They can all push off now, at least until I've regained my equilibruim. Hard to find something to be cheerful about, but my naturally bouyant personality wasn't knocked back for long.

Usual rush and push to get hungry kids fed decent food by 6.40 pm, including a trip to the bus stop to pick them up. H missed an absolute treat [he eats at the rugby club, poor thing!] - I did home made beefburgers (no egg, had to improvise) with potato wedges à la Nigella - set my sore mouth off a treat! [I burned it on a mince pie on Saturday!] Bloody lovely on such a cold, miserable night. Squashed a slamander underneath the wheel of the car on our drive, which set off a couple of jokey texts from N - all of us in excellent spirits - dunno why particularly, but I treasure these times. Watched French news, don't seem to have Channel 5 any more.

Only one Corrie - unbelieveable - 1 hr Jungle crap afterwards - hate it! Who are these "celebrities" anyway? I only recognise one! Kim from "How Clean is Your House" - I used to like that, made me feel efficient.

Did half an hour on my treadmill which I enjoyed this time as I read trashy magazines to pass the time, but I didn't half feel knackered afterwards - and I had K's bed to make up and tons and tons of washing to put away before I could collapse into bed myself.

On standby for the accountant most of the day, but managed to give W his two usual walks. Almost collapsed with tiredness after the lunchtime tomato and rice soup (l/o rice from risotto on Saturday) Not as bad as it sounds. Would have dozed off on the settee afterwards, but daren't as it would have been too embarrassing to have the accountant tap on the window and wake me up! Wouldn't be the first time!

Watched an oldie but goodie Clint Eastwood - he was so handsome!!! Film called The Eiger Sanction, also watched Midsomer with K after school.

Enjoying the book I'm reading about the Guernsey - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's all about the occupation of Guernsey during the second world war, but written in the form of letters going back and forth, which makes it easy to pick up and put down again if time is short. Some of it is quite disturbing. I'd never realised that Guernsey (and obviously France) had it so tough in the war. The residents of Guernsey had 24 hours to decide whether to evacuate their children to England before the Germans invaded, or whether to take their chances with the occupation. Those who did didn't see their children again for 5 years!

Feeling more on an even keel in spite of everything. Need to be for everybody's sakes. Posted my Barshinskey book [a book I read on holiday and only just finished] to mum - €6 - eek!!!

Nothing of interest on the emails, nor phone calls. Only bills in the post.

Are you asleep yet? Wake up, it's finished now! How do you think I feel? I'm actually living all this!!!! If you're very good, I won't do this again!!!