Wednesday, 12 February 2014

HMRC - Oh my!!!

What a time I'm having. I got a nasty letter from HMRC which arrived 1st Feb saying that I should have filled in Henry's tax form online before 31st January and that they would be charging me £ 100 for my late form. Also that I had no other choice but to fill in the form online. For this, I had to register on their website and they would then send me an activation code. This I did. The code arrived much more quickly than I anticipated, yesterday, so I thought I'd give it a go at work this morning. That was a non-starter as it turned out that I couldn't use the Unique Tax Number, I had to use the number that was generated when I logged on, which was in my notebook at home. I only found this out after many tries and after ringing their helpline from work. Undeterred, when I got home, I hopped onto the computer and had another go. I kept looking for something that said ACTIVATE HERE, since the man this morning had told me that the account had to be activated using the code that was sent in the post. It gave me an error message saying that I was using the wrong user name or password. I had the password reset. I tried again. I got the same error message. I had the password reset. I tried again. I got the same error message. I rang the Techinical Helpline. She just repeated over and over that the system had locked me out because I had tried too many times to log in. I mean rudely. She talked over me and kept saying that she would repeat what she'd just said and said it again. She would not let me speak at all. What a rude person. If there was any justice, this phone call would have been recorded and she would have been reprimanded. I bet it wasn't though. If the system had locked me out, it would have been more helpful if it had an error message telling me that, rather than telling me to keep trying to put the correct user name and password in. That's all. I'm bored with this now, I want something to eat. THREE FUCKING HOURS OF MY LIFE I'LL NEVER GET BACK AGAIN!!!! Did I mention that I'm poorly? Or that I'm missing Henry worse than ever? Well I am.