Friday, 12 March 2010

Replaced by an 11 year old girl

There must come a time in every parent's life then they suddenly realise that their children have overtaken them on every level. Not only is Dear Daughter (11) capable of cooking a lovely meal and washing up, but she actually does it better than me! I never would have thought of putting honey on goat's cheese.

As for the computer, she's clicked whilst I'm still working out where to click!

Her French was always going to be better than mine, but I'm now realising mine is like a 5 year old by comparison.

At least she still needs me to pay for her new hand bag and taxi her to her friend's houses, but for how much longer?

Dear Son (16) has had a lovely (French) girlfriend for over a year now. This summer, they're both planning to work during the school holidays in the local supermarket. The interviews are this week. He plans on going to university in Bordeaux in September (Heaven help me!!!)

Luckily, Dear Son (15) still needs me for most things (at least he has the sense to make me think so!!). He promised when he was six years old that he would never leave me (don't worry, son, I'm not going to hold you to it!!!)

It's true you have to enjoy them while you have them, it all goes TOO FAST!!!

I bought these roses at the supermarket yesterday (€6!!! eek!!) and they looked so lovely this morning that I took this photo, since I know that they won't last very long. I thought it would cheer you up.