Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Now sort of installed in Spain

Well, here we are! We've been in Spain now for a whole six months, already halfway through the rental agreement on our little bungalow in SE Spain, not far from Cartagena, where all the cruise ships call off (hopefully none of them sink)!

Such a lot to say, so little time, so I'll just give you an overview of what we've been doing. DH has just finished his treatment for prostate cancer, and is now in recovery. He has another appointment next week to check all's well, so I'll let you know when he's had that visit.

DS (17) has settled very well at his new school, ten minutes away or less by car. He has a lovely new girlfriend, lots of new friends, is learning Spanish at a rate of knots and has even managed to find casual work from time to time to augment his pocket money.

DD (13) however has found things much more difficult. She was originally at the same school as her brother, but found it overwhelming and has now moved to a different school where some of her English friends already go. It's early days, but she's already much happier there and is even looking forward to getting a school uniform! That'll be a shock, they never wore uniforms in France.

DS (18) has stayed in France to continue his studies. He's in his final year of a course in Biological Engineering, doing very well and it didn't make much sense to take him away at this stage and start again in Spain. Luckily for us, he's very mature in his outlook, has a lovely girlfriend and enjoys coming to Spain for his holidays.

The house still hasn't sold, but we live in hope! You can see it here : so if you know anybody who might be interested ...

As for me, I know you're all wondering. Like a lot of wives/mothers, my happiness is to a large extent dictated by those in my family. If they're unhappy, so am I. Known as "Kick one, we all limp" where I come from!

There's plenty for me to be doing here, I love being in an English speaking community with no real pressure to learn Spanish (though I start "proper" lessons tomorrow!). I thoroughly enjoy my keep fit by the pool three times a week. Love keeping our tiny bungalow clean (a full time job with four/five of us in there, as well as big dog and various friends/family/acquaintances!) In all, I can't find a single thing about living here that I don't like! So there, I've said it!


Lesley said...

I've kinda been getting the impression that you like it in Spain. I'm glad you've settled in so well and so quickly. xx

surferboi54 said...

Really pleased I found your news about all of you! Sorry to hear about H but glad he's recovering. It's wonderful that you can't think of a single thing you don't like about living there.
Love, F