Friday, 6 February 2009

Late Mealtimes

Don't know whether it's my Northern roots, but after 14 years of wedded bliss to a Southerner, I still can't get used to eating "supper" at 7 pm (or later). It used to be "teatime" at 5-6 pm followed by supper just before bed. The problem is that around 5 pm I start to get the munchies and if I'm not careful I'll consume my daily calorie allowance (again) in the next hour, BEFORE I get to eat my evening meal. Then of course, when that arrives, I've gone off the idea! You get the picture? The French have a word for this - le creuse (the dip - as in energy, not garlicky!)

Anyway, I've found a little trick that works really well for me - when I get back from the school and bus stop run, around 5 pm, or peak hunger time, I have a small glass of skimmed milk (hot or cold, depending on the weather) and a half a slice of brown bread with marmite. Eat and drink both, then DO NOTHING for 15 minutes (I love that bit - though, in fact, I do read the paper). I even set a timer. In the meantime, my blood sugar levels sort themselves out. No more hunger pangs, irritability (love that word!) and I eat slightly less at mealtimes too. This tip also works well for if you're off out somewhere and don't know when you'll get fed.

The only trouble is that like many things you know to be true, it's difficult to be disciplined enough to do them consistently. Things like early nights, leaving clothes out ready for morning etc, etc. The trick with this is to catch it early enough (ie before I'm attacking the kids' choccie supply!)

Spring has arrived and to prove it I've got a photo of some gorse in flower which I'll post later - always leave them wanting more!

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