Sunday, 1 February 2009

What a week that was!

I'm glad this week is over! I'm glad the month of January is over too, come to that - it's too long, too dark and way too depressing. Roll on Spring! All that nursing of various family members has fair done me in. I'm way behind with absolutely everything - everywhere I look I see something that needs doing. I've come to my blog to escape! At least I've admitted it.

I just got DD (10) back to school on Thursday and the strike happened. The primary school where she goes goes on strike, but her two older brothers were affected. The trouble is, some teachers support it, whilst some work as usual. Said teachers are reluctant to confess in advance whether or not they'll be there, or staying at home in bed (or demonstrating in the streets indeed). In the past, I've sent them to school with varying degrees of success, but this time, we all had a lie in. The excuse was that this time, for the first time ever, the school buses were affected too, so it just seemed too much hassle. They learn very early on about militancy and the power of the unions (syndicats) here. On the day of the last strike, just before Christmas, DS (15) had to climb over the bike sheds to get in for a Maths test (sheer dedication - he gets it from his mother). Half the school were demonstrating outside the gates, but they were given the choice as to whether or not to take the test. If they'd missed the test, it would have shown up on the all important moyen (average marks). What a choice! Could only happen here!

This is France, after all!

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