Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Talking of making rash invitations then panicking, my DH invited two of his (big) French mates, with their wives, to a "proper English breakfast", at our house at 9am this morning!

Comfort zone not even in it! The menu was as follows:

We started with champagne and orange juice, then the nosh came out. Bacon (of course), English sausages, Spanish black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, scrambled eggs, sauté potatoes, toast, baguette and all the trimmings. We were going to do kidneys as well, but you have to draw a line! To finish, we had English tea (yum), toast with marmalade and marmite. Every single scrap got eaten. Pity we couldn't get crumpets.

The French are generally under the illusion that we eat like that every day. I had to explain that it was more of a Sunday morning treat.

Perhaps we should start charging for it. The language barrier came into it's own when I tried to explain what marmite was. One of the wives thought it was English chocolate spread - the French love that - so she plastered it on her toast. I had to admire her as she managed to eat it, though I guess it wasn't quite what she thought.

It all went extremely well, but I didn't half give a sigh of relief when the last pot had been washed!

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