Monday, 24 November 2008

I'm being ignored (again!)

Two weeks ago, I ordered a book from Amazon for DS(15) which he needs for school. It still hasn't arrived. I contacted them by email - no reply. They've been paid, of course, so where's the incentive?

I've tried very very hard to open a Paypal account - 11 days later, it still hasn't happened. I defy anybody to make sense of their "help pages". Frustration doesn't even enter into it. It even had a message on there, in English, saying that English wasn't one of their "help" languages, so could I please visit my profile page and change the "help" language into English! I ended up viewing it in French - still no help. Can't find any way of contacting them, so I guess I'll just have to die wondering. I've tried asking at the bank. They don't open here in France on Mondays, so everything stops from Saturday morning at 11am until Tuesday morning at 9am, including computer banking, for which we have to pay €9 per month for the "convenience". Incidentally, they close Thursday afternoon's as well. No wonder there's no financial crisis here (yet), the banks are shut for half the time.

Not to mention the packet of envelopes I ordered from Viking. No sign of them after three days (they were on 24 hour delivery). I just checked their website - they think they've been delivered. I shall be the incredible bald woman at this rate.

One bit of good news, DS(13 will be 14 in two weeks) managed to sell a Pokemon game on e-bay - he was tickled pink! Unfortunately, the buyer can't pay us because of the above Paypal account fiasco.

How do I stay so cheerful?

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