Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I bet you were wondering if we'd been blown away in the storm!

No, nothing quite so exciting. I've been doing my Nurse Nightingale impression, since the whole household has gone down with various versions of the dreaded lurgy. DD was sent home from school with a cough and a temperature. DH has been up all night coughing and with a sore throat, therefore sleeping all day, now the eldest DS is going down fast, but is still at school (for now). It's like living in a TB ward! I'm supposed to be working from home myself, but there's no time for that! Will post again, when all this madness is over.

By the way, apart from a couple of hours without electricity, the storm passed us by this time - the last one - ten years ago - left us without electricity for three weeks!

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Lesley said...

We missed you! Hope everyone is well again soon.