Sunday, 7 December 2008

Has it really been that long?

I really must be more disciplined about adding to my blog. I often think of things I want to write about, but never seem to get round to it. I really enjoy the blogs I'm following though, so I must try to do better.

Part of the trouble is that I'm now a working girl. I'm doing some market research for an American. It's only very short term and I've almost finished, so I should start to do better from now. It's working well, as he's in Philadelphia, which is six hours behind me so I can get cracking whilst they're still asleep and hit them with emails as soon as they arrive at the office! Makes me feel dead efficient at least. Downside is that they email me at 11pm sometimes. Still, it's nice to be in the human race at last. Just hope I get paid.

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