Monday, 12 January 2009

Blogger's been on strike!

I tried to post earlier, but I couldn't get past the log in page.

I heard on the radio that SNCF, (French railway), went on strike overnight on the line from Bordeaux to Paris. Apparently, over a thousand passengers had to either kip on the station, or take a hotel room last night. Some friends of ours went to Disneyland, Paris for the weekend, I bet anything you like they were affected! Poor Katie might not see her friend Lucie today after all!

On top of that, Sarkozy is visiting a primary school in Britanny this afternoon and as a protest against all the reforms he's bringing into the education system, the school is on strike and nobody will be there to meet him. It fair makes you chuckle. You'd think that all the locals would turn up just to get their faces on telly.

That's why when I couldn't get on blogger, thought they must have gone all French on me!

More later, have a nice day!

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