Thursday, 1 January 2009

Who'd have thought it?

Don't worry, I'll explain these photos at the end!

When the French people who are staying in the gites at the moment contacted me and asked if it was OK to bring a dog, I said yes. I didn't recognise the breed they mentioned, but they're very fond of lapdogs here so I expected them to bring at the biggest a French poodle, or something small and fluffy that you can't tell which end is the front until you spot the ribbon. After all, who'd bring two kids and a Saint Bernard across France in a Renault Clio? I should have realised, because that's exactly what they did! Poor Woody can't believe I could be so disloyal as to invite another dog to stay on "his patch" and one much bigger than him at that!

What puzzles me is how on earth 7 of them and this dog are staying in that three bedroomed house. Good job it's only for a few days. Laugh? I almost split my sides when I saw it.
I shall miss little incidents like this, if ever get a buyer for the gites. That's probably all I'll miss though!

PS: When I downloaded the photos, I discovered that I apparently have a passion for taking photos of cobwebs with frost on, who'd have thunk it? Is this a sign of some deep psychological unbalance?

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