Saturday, 3 January 2009

A cross between a dustbin truck idling and a plane taking off

That's DH's latest snore. That's also what got me up before daylight this morning which isn't saying much, since it's always dark at this time of the year. We've just heard that we may get the Digibox on Monday but I won't hold my breath!

We're having some French friends round for a meal tonight; how does this sound? Hot, fresh prawns cooked in cognac with a bit of cream, foie gras on toast and various vol au vents for starters. Main course of pork and apple pie with flaky pastry, cooked by your's truly, together with various vegetables and of course Oxo gravy, cheese course (already done), galette de roi (a sort of cake with almond pastry in the middle, traditional here for the New Year), choccy log left over from Christmas, coffee and cognac, if they have any room.

Gotta go mince the pork, more later, I hope.

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Lesley said...

Mmmmm, sounds great. There's a plane at one - I'll be there for four, set an extra place!