Friday, 12 December 2008

Emotional roller coaster

Unbelieveably, the Dutch people who came to see Chez Belliveau last Saturday (and in fact came back again on Wednesday) have made us an offer. Not a bad offer really, but they want to pay some of the money over three years. All the advice we've had is Non, Non et Non!!! We now have to go back to them and re-negotiate. All this is making my palms sweat. I'm not the negotiating type, I'm afraid! Leave it to DH, best idea. I'll let you know what happens (if anything!)

Other news, DD (10) is having a big night out tonight. It's the Christmas Bash complete with Pere Noel. This will be her last one at this school as she starts secondary school next September. She wad only two and a half years old (I can see her now!) when she started at this school, in the nursery section. Tonight, she's in the shower already and wants her hair plaited then dried, then unplaited so it'll be all wavy. They grow up too fast. She'll be buying her own lippy next (instead of borrowing mine!)

As if to add to the general chaos, there are some French people (in fact from Switzerland - now that's a long drive!) due to arrive in the gites for the weekend, any second now. They're only on bed and breakfast - let's only hope they don't want the English version. I'm fast reaching the end of my coping limit.

I was just reading that the (full) moon is closer to the earth than it's been for 15 years. I must say that it looks absolutely gorgeous. Just lately, we've had clear skies and it's very cold, but looking at that moon almost makes it worthwhile.

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