Sunday, 7 December 2008

Typical - no posts for ages, then three come at once

Me again. Unbelievably, we had somebody to see the gites yesterday (they've been up for sale for three years, but no takers). They sent an email which I received at 9 am (bit bleary eyed after the night at the Casino) saying they were in the area looking at gite complexes and would like to see ours that very day. I thought it was a practical joke, but no, they turned up, all the way from the Dordogne where they had made a mistake in buying something that was too far off the beaten track, so they'd decided to move nearer to the coast (I could have told them that!) They were Dutch, liked it, but haven't got the money so they're now "finding a solution" - Good luck! We'll probably never hear another word, shame really, I quite liked them.

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