Monday, 29 December 2008

New template

I thought I'd celebrate my new template (didn't like the old one, too "officey") by sending up another post! What better way?

Unbelievably, we have heard from the pillock we ordered the Digibox from (probably because I sent him an invoice via Paypal). He's given me a tracking number from DHL, so fingers crossed for at last sorting this out. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this situation has almost cost my marriage. Ponder on that a while.

More good news, the Dutchman who's put an offer in for the gites and then gone quiet has phoned and wants to come and see us tomorrow.

As if all that wasn't enough, I took DS's MP4 from Santa back to the shop this afternoon as it was broken. Taking stuff back here in France is not good for the blood pressure. They always give the impression they think you're lying, insist that you show them exactly what is wrong then send it back to the manufacturer so you have to wait "2 weeks" which always becomes 6 and NOBODY telephones you to let you know what's happening, so you have to keep going back to find out. Not today. He went through the first bit (treating me like a liar), then he answered the phone three times, seemed to lose his thread and replaced it with another one without a word. Me and DD legged it before he changed his mind.

I had a new suede jacket for Christmas with a fur collar which makes me feel like a film star. I wore it to do battle with my new red scarf my mum sent me, we're now calling it my lucky coat!

Had to buy DD some new jim jams, all her other ones had holes in very rude places. She's happy as larry now.

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