Monday, 22 December 2008

Yet more Christmas "do's"

Knackered! All day I've been yawning, bad tempered, and suffering a low grade headache just over my right temple. Having too much of a good time is the reason! These French don't half know how to let their hair down. It's been years since I've seen "Oops upside your head" danced to! The photo's the proof! I know it looks like they've all fallen over, so you'll just have to imagine the ear splitting music. I hope you don't recognise anybody, they might invoke the privacy laws, which are quite strict here!

This was taken at the rugby club Christmas bash on Saturday night. DD had to babysit her two brothers whilst DH and I hit the high life.

Here is a piccie of the place setting, you can't read it very well, but I love the way the French spell Janet - Jeanette, they always give me a couple of extra 'E's' and 'T's' which makes me feel extra important. The rose was a present from the rugby club president - he gave all the ladies one, and the men had a miniature bottle of Pineau. An excellent time was had by all.

Instead of having a nice relaxing day to sober up yesterday (Sunday), we went to our friends Alison and Tony's house for a pre-Christmas nosh up. Somehow, we managed to eat and drink even more than on the Saturday night. Better not to think about what all this is doing to my normally almost teetotal liver.

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