Tuesday, 30 December 2008

It's foggy, man!

I just thought I'd share the appalling weather we're having here today. This was taken an hour or so ago, that's Christine the cleaner's car in the shot.

The Dutchman has been to see us on his way to spending New Year in Rotterdam. He's put yet another offer forward, which involves him taking over in September, rather than May. It's under discussion at the moment. He obviously realises that with the pound against the euro, he's in a very strong position, and is making the most of it. Do we want to get rid of it that much? Watch this space.

In an unexpected turn of events, DH has managed to get Sky turned back on again. Hope it was worth the trouble it's caused! We may even have managed to trace the Digibox; perhaps everything will turn out for the best after all!

Happy New Year. God bless. Thanks for stopping by.

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