Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hassle, endless hassle!

This knock came to the door around 10 pm Sunday night - the French/Swiss who were staying in the gite were locked out - malheureusement they lost the key to the gite, somewhere in La Rochelle. Luckily for them, we had a spare (this is by no means normal, but they didn't seem to appreciate that!) This has only ever happened once before, and that was another French person. I'm going to have to get some of those key rings that weigh a ton, like they do in hotels.

Unbelievably, the Digibox I ordered from Ebay on the 15TH NOVEMBER has still not arrived. I'm being ignored again by "Steve", so I've started something called Litigation which apparently will get me my money back in 20 days if I don't resolve the issue direct. Not likely to have it for Christmas then. The sad thing is that the kids (and DH) started off extremely excited but now have stopped even asking if it's arrived yet. At this rate we'll have to cancel our Sky subscription, which at least will save us £47 a month - perhaps "Steve" has done us a favour!

On top of all that, the Dutch who were interested in buying the gites keep moving the goalposts. At this rate, we'll be paying them! I guess they realise that they're in a strong position. In fact we had a phone call from Ireland yesterday from somebody wanting to rent them off us to see if the "lifestyle suited them". Worst case scenario or what? Anyway, maybe there's still hope for the Dutch, we're off to see the Notaire this afternoon, so more later. We've just heard from the bank that it takes at least three weeks to get the title deeds out of their archives. How can that possibly be? It's only in Paris!

Oh, by the way, the envelopes from Viking (see earlier post) never turned up. Apparently they came from Holland (must be something about the Dutch) and they're waiting for the courriers to report back on where they were delivered. They'll be waiting for their money too, since I've no intention of paying them till I get my envelopes! No more Mr Nice Guy!

Trouble is, time is limited for sorting out all the cock-ups in this GFC (God Forsaken Country).

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