Saturday, 20 December 2008

What a jolly time we're having

Bunged DD in the canteen yesterday whilst we went to do the as yet unstarted Christmas shopping. The shops here are so quiet this time of the year, we had it all finished in an hour, so off we went to get a bit to eat at our local haunt, Le Gare, at Saujon (opposite the station, of all places). What a jolly time we had in there, we met the digger driver who's done a lot of work for us over the years, with his workmates and sat down to a slap up lunch with: quiche for starters, roast veal, chips, butter beans, creme brulée, coffee and three bottles of wine (Beaujolais Nouveau and vin de pays rosé) all for the grand total of .... €8 per head! Makes you remember why you put up with this place!

I was only fit for sleeping on the settee after all that. Luckily I woke up in time to get DD from school.

The kitten has at last discovered the Christmas tree, which is now lying in the hallway in bits (I had to drag it out there, it looked such a sight collapsed in three bits all connected with lights and tinsel and in a heap in the living room). Perhaps we'll buy a 'real' one today - I've always loved a real Christmas tree.

Digibox still not received (I don't think it was ever sent) so we're resigned to crap telly over Christmas. Can't say I've missed it (as long as I can get Corrie I'm fine), but DH loves his sport and films. The sale of the gites is now with the solicitors, so doubt we'll hear anything till the New Year now.

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Lesley said...

Hope the sale goes through smoothly, fingers crossed.