Thursday, 11 December 2008

A House full of Sickness

I took this photo early this morning as the light was beautiful.

Poor Nick got sent home from school on Monday (his 14th birthday). He hasn't been properly well since we came back from Spain - the latest is a bad headcold, with accompanying cough - honestly, you'd think he smoked 60 a day (let's hope not!). Anyway the poor chap spent the afternoon on the settee and we had to cancel the proposed trip to the bowling at Saintes, followed by a meal out which was a bit of a blow, as I'd banked on not having to cook anything.

Following this, all the rest of the family (except me - for now!) went down like flies with bad colds, sore throats, coughs, headaches. I've been running round like the proverbial dishing out cough medicine, honey, painkillers. Just call me Nurse Nightingale! We ran out of tissues then kitchen roll and then toilet paper (more serious), but had no time to go shopping. Anyway, hopefully, they're all recovering now (at least Nick's back at school) and the tissues have been stocked up for next time. My family don't believe in using the same tissue more than once (oh Mum, that's gross!!) When I were a lass, etc, etc. They don't believe there ever was a time without mobile phones and with only three channels on the telly. Vaseline for chapped lips? Pah! I could go on, but that's for another post entitled the youth of today! Coming soon to a blog near you.

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